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If, like me, you like streaming movies and want to stream them on your Android phone, you’ll find the best apps for it in this article.

7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (1)

Streaming platforms charge subscription fees for watching movies, but in most cases you can only watch a few movies before your subscription expires. In some cases, they only offer a few titles that don’t include all the movies you want to watch. This means that you might have to subscribe to multiple streaming services to watch other movies that aren’t available on the streaming services you’re currently subscribed to.

For the reasons mentioned above, and because not everyone can afford to subscribe to these services, free movie apps are very handy for watching movies on our smartphones. However, finding a suitable movie app is a challenge because many apps claim to be free movie apps, but most of them do not work and try to download malware to your smartphone instead.

That’s why we tried some free movie apps for Android and found seven that work well, which we present in this article. Read on!

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What You Should Know About Streaming Movies for Free on Android

Free movie apps give users access to movies without spending a dollar, and while they can’t be like premium streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix, they’re still a great alternative.

Some of these free movie apps have the rights to the movies they provide access to, while others do not. This makes the latter vulnerable to copyright infringement and to being taken off the network if they are discovered by the authorities.

Some of these free movie apps collect movies in a repository from which they can be streamed. So you will most likely discover popular movies and TV episodes on them.

Also, when you use free apps, you should be mindful of what permissions you grant, because they might try to sneak malware onto your device or steal private information if you grant unwanted permissions. You should be aware that most of the free movie apps contain advertisem*nts that may annoy you. Nevertheless, we have tried to include most apps with little or no ads in the list of free movie apps for Android below.

Which Apps Play Movies for Free on Android?

Below, you will find the best free movie apps for Android with which you can seamlessly watch movies on your Android phone without paying a dime:


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (2)

CloudStream is a popular app that lets you watch HD movies on Android without signing up or paying a subscription fee.

This movie software is easy to use and makes movies available through repositories managed by different providers — similar to an aggregator that collects movies made available by providers.

To use CloudStream on your Android phone, all you have to do after installing the app is search for the title you want to stream and select a result from one of the providers.

However, we have noticed that the results from some providers do not work. So you may need to try other providers to watch movies and TV series on the movie app.

According to our tests, this Android movie app doesn’t offer movie subtitles, but it does allow you to add subtitles from your local files. CloudStream is also free, but there are no ads, which is really good.

Here’s how to set up this app on your Android phone:

  1. Download CloudStream APK and install it.
  2. Launch the app after installation and click the gear tab to open the settings.7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (3)
  3. Now select Extensions and click Add Repository.
  4. Open CloudStream Repositories and copy the link for the repository of the English provider or another of your choice.
  5. Go back to CloudStream and paste the repository link in the field provided, enter a repository name, and then click Add Repository.7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (4)
  6. Click Download on the next prompt to download the plugin and wait a few minutes for the movie library to load.
  7. After that, you can use the search box on the app to look for the movies you want and watch them for free.
Large library of movies and TV showsSome content may be geo-restricted
No adsVideo quality can be inconsistent
Free to useNot all features are available for free
Easy to useCan be difficult to find specific content
Supports casting to TVs and other devicesNot as widely available as other streaming apps


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (5)

Stremio is one of the top apps that provides free access to watching movies on Android phones. This app is an open source tool that collects video content from many sources and makes it available to its users through the app.

With this app, you can not only watch movies for free, but also live TV series and TV. It comes with a torrent client that lets you stream movies via torrent and access popular streaming sites with add-ons.

A basic requirement for watching movies with this app is add-ons, and it can be difficult to find one that supports the movie you want to watch, so you should keep that in mind. To take full advantage of the app’s features, you may need to sign up for the app.

Large library of movies and TV showsSome content may be geo-restricted
Open sourceNot as user-friendly as some other streaming apps
Supports add-onsCan be difficult to find specific content
Free to useNot all features are available for free
Easy to cast to TVs and other devices

Download Stremio


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (6)

Tubi has been around for a long time and offers a huge selection of movies and TV series that you might not find on other movie apps.

The app is free and offers over 50,000 movie titles from all genres. The most fascinating collection of movies on this app can be found in the Top Rated section.

However, this software is only available in certain regions. So, if you can’t download it, it’s because your region is not supported and you need to try other options on our list.


Alternatively, you can download the Tubi APK and use one of the free Android VPNs to change your geolocation and get the app working on your smartphone.

Tubi offers a lot of customization options for a personalized movie streaming experience and a clean user interface. Since it’s a free app, there are ads that can interfere with the movie experience, but otherwise it’s a great movie app for Android.

Download Tubi


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (7)

ShowBox is a web program that uses a file sharing platform called FebBox to share movies and TV series with its users for free. The movies are not hosted on its own website, but are stored on a third-party platform so that users can stream and download them.

The web app doesn’t require you to sign up and gives you instant access to all available movies and TV series as soon as you land on the site. However, since you are playing on a different platform, FebBox, you will need to sign up to use it.

On the other hand, ShowBox has a mobile app that works just like the web version, but includes a built-in media player that plays movies from FebBox via URLs. If you don’t want to download or register FebBox, this is a good option, but keep in mind that the app UX is not very good.

I was able to watch movies like “Fast X and Extraction”, “Titanic” and others from the website through the FebBox player and directly through the mobile app.

There’s also a brief summary of the movie and recommendations for other movies you might enjoy. Even if you watch the movies for free, you won’t be bothered by ads.

Large library of movies and TV showsNot legal to use
Free to useCan be difficult to find specific content
Easy to useNot as widely available as other streaming apps
No adsMay contain malware or other security risks
Supports casting to TVs and other devices

Download ShowBox


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (8)

HDO Box is one of the best free movie apps for Android out there. It lets you watch all genres of new and old movies from Netflix, Prime Video, and other popular streaming services.

It collects movies from all paid streaming services and makes them available on different servers. Even if a movie is only available in theaters, HDO Box provides a synchronized version in its app if you can’t wait for it to be released on the respective streaming platform.

You’ll need to download the APK, as the app is not available in the Play Store. Unfortunately, the app seems to have a lot of bugs; our experience with HDO Box hasn’t been that good because it often limps, but sometimes it runs smoothly, especially if you have a good internet connection.

Large library of movies and TV showsNot legal to use
Free to useMay contain malware or other security risks
Easy to useNot as widely available as other streaming apps
Supports casting to TVs and other devicesVideo quality can be inconsistent

Download HDO Box


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (9)

PlutoTV is a television streaming service that provides on-demand movies and television series. It is one of the most popular free movie apps on Google Play and has received numerous positive reviews.

A distinctive feature of this program is that, although it is free, it is legal and provides access to thousands of movies and TV series. Some of the movies and TV shows available in the app include Top Gun, Demolition Man, CSI TV series,and many more.

Pluto TV also offers a really clean and simple user interface. There are some ads, which is understandable considering that they are a way to make money, but overall the experience with the movie app is positive.

Free Content: Pluto TV offers a wide range of free live TV channels and on-demand content.Ads: Since the service is free, it's ad-supported, which means you'll encounter ads while watching.
Variety of Channels: The app provides a diverse selection of channels, including news, entertainment, sports, and more.Limited Control: You have limited control over what's playing, as it's like traditional TV with scheduled programming.
Live Streaming: You can watch live TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription.No DVR Functionality: Unlike some streaming services, you can't record shows to watch later.
On-Demand Content: In addition to live TV, Pluto TV also offers a library of on-demand movies and TV shows.Quality Variability: The video quality might not always be as high as premium streaming services.
User-Friendly: The app's interface is easy to navigate, making it accessible for all types of users.Content Rotation: The available content might rotate over time, so your favorite show could be temporarily removed.
No Account Required: You can start using the app without creating an account, which enhances privacy.Limited Original Content: While Pluto TV does offer some original programming, it's not as extensive as other platforms.
Cross-Platform Support: Pluto TV is available on multiple platforms, providing flexibility in device usage.Internet Dependency: You need a stable internet connection to stream content, which can be a drawback in certain situations.
Regional Channels: It offers local news and regional channels in some areas, adding a personalized touch.Geographical Restrictions: Some content might be restricted based on your geographical location.

Download PlutoTV


7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (10)

A list of the top free movie apps for Android would be incomplete without Plex. This app has a large collection of movies and other features for watching movies.

Plex offers an easy-to-use interface for watching movies. However, it displays ads when playing movies, which is one of the drawbacks besides the fact that most popular titles cannot be played with this app.

However, I have discovered a handful of excellent movies that you won’t find on other movie apps on Plex. These movies may not be well known, but some of them are entertaining.

Plex also organizes movies very well, and in addition to streaming movies, you can also use the software to open videos from your local storage. To use Plex’s features, such as saving favorites and resuming playback where you left off, registration is required.

Organizes and streams your personal mediaFree version has limited features
Supports a variety of media formatsCan be difficult to set up
Available on many devicesNot as many streaming options as other services
Easy to useAds in the free version
Supports offline viewing

Download Plex

Honorable Mentions for Free Android Movie Apps

Other free movie apps for Android you can use are:

What about Netflix Mod and Prime Video Mod?

Netflix Mod and Prime Video Mod may work, but they are not officially supported by Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. These mods are created by third-party developers who have modified the original apps to remove ads, unlock premium features, and allow users to watch content from other countries.

However, there are some risks associated with using mod apps. First, they may not be safe. Mod apps are often created by developers who are not affiliated with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, and they may contain malware or other security risks. Second, mod apps may not be legal. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have terms of service that prohibit users from using unauthorized apps to access their content. If you are caught using a mod app, you can be banned from using their services.

It’s a cat and a mouse game which is not worth your time.

Final Words

Paid streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max etc. aren’t always worth it, so you’re better off using a free movie app on your Android phone instead. In this post, we’ve featured the best free movie apps for Android, both legal and illegal. Read through the reviews and choose one that lets you stream movies on your Android phone for free.

FAQs about Free movie apps for Android

1. How to watch Netflix for free on Android?

Netflix can’t be used for free unless you get a free trial. Even if you try to purchase a Netflix mod, it won’t work. This is due to Netflix’s high security level and the fact that the features are not loaded locally.

2. How can I download HD movies for free on Android?

It is possible to download HD movies for free on Android, and there are several methods to do so. Here are a few to get you started (that we don’t really recommend):

  • Download HD movies via torrents
  • Use websites/apps like ShowBox, which we have discussed in this article
  • Search and download in Telegram groups

3. What has replaced 123movies?

123movies, a well-known website that provides free access to movies and TV episodes, was recently shut down due to copyright infringement. Fortunately, services like Fmovies and Gomovies have not taken their place and continue to offer browser-based movie enjoyment.

4. Do you need a VPN for illegal streaming?

Yes, it is advisable to use a VPN when streaming movies from free sites to protect your activities from being monitored by your ISP.

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7 Absolute Best Free Movie Apps for Android [2023] - TechPP (2024)
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