Automatically Update Your Slack Statuses with These Handy Zaps (2024)


Do you want to easily and automatically update your Slack statuses? Then this tutorial is for you!

Get the templates for the Zaps featured in this video here:
Update Slack status during new Google Calendar events:
Update your Slack status when new Google Calendar events begin:
Clear your Slack Status:
Change Slack statuses with new push commands in Zapier's Chrome extension:
Set Slack statuses from Alexa voice commands:

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that empowers you to create automated workflows called Zaps, which send your information from one app to another, across 5,000+ apps. You can create your own Zap from scratch without any coding knowledge, but we also offer quick templates to get you started.

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Global teams mean, someone's working at any given minute.

But it also means someone's offline, too small teams can easily remember varying schedules and time zones.

But as organizations grow, you need a better way to know what everyone's doing status messages are an easy way to let team members know, why you're not responsive here's, how to get the most out of a slack status, update with automations that will help you keep your team up to date.

Even when you're in a rush to set your slack status, just open Slack tap your profile photo in the top right corner and click update your status.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut.

Apple shift, y on Mac and Ctrl shift y on Windows.

You can select one of the suggested status updates or create your own type in what you're doing and select an emoji that fits that emoji will now show up beside your name in slack.

Your colleagues can hover over it to see your status if they search for your name in slack, they'll also, see it, which might just keep them from messaging.

You if your status is out of the office or in a meeting, you can set how long you want your status to stay up or select don't clear to keep it up indefinitely.

If you don't select the time from your status to clear it'll stay at the default today, setting, which removes your status at the end of the day, if you often forget to update your slack status, you can use zapier to set your slack status automatically with zaps zapier's automated workflow.

You can connect your calendars to-do list and other tools to slack to make sure your status always reflects what you're doing right now.

Let's try automatically setting our slack status.

Whenever we're attending a Google calendar event, pull up the zap in your menu and click the button.

On the left hand side of the screen to get started because I want Google Calendar to trigger.

My slack app I'll need to use Google Calendar as my trigger I can find the app by typing it into the search bar and clicking below setting this as the trigger means that anytime Google Calendar sees a calendar event is about to start it's going to run this workflow.

The trigger screen will then pop up.

I should click event start as my event and click continue.

The first time we set up Google, Calendar we'll need to authenticate it with zapier.

A link will pop up for you to log into your Google account.

Don't worry, it's, totally safe because zapier uses industry standards for encryption when connecting with each of your apps I'll, put a link to zapier's security and Trust page in the description as well.

Next we'll need to set up our trigger apps data under calendar, choose the calendar you'd like to use for your zap and click continue in order to finish setting up the trigger we'll need to pull in some example, data to do that click test trigger you're all set with the first step click continue.

And we can start creating our action type in slack into the search bar and select it on the drop down menu.

Next click set status and click continue from there.

I can select our account and authenticate slack with zapier.

Just like I did with my Google account by the way.

If at any point you get stuck, zapier's got an amazing support team that can help you out there's a link in the description to The Forum post for this specific workflow, click continue and it's time to assign our trigger apps data into the action, apps fields first type in what you want your away status to be listed as I'll type in a custom message, I'll type, I am currently away from my computer, then under status, Emoji I'll type in red circle for the expiration time, select event ends pretty under the drop down.

And that should do it.

You can also clear slack statuses while you could tell slack to clear your status after a certain time period, say after 30 minutes or at a specific time and date.

You can't set it to do this every day on repeat these simple, but imminently handy, zaps automatically clears, your slack status at whatever time you set every day, there's, a pre-made, zap that can help you get started on this click, the link in the description to open it up start working on your zap, select the trigger and choose the time of day.

You want to clear your statuses I'll, click 5, PM and then I'll click continue.

Then I'll click test trigger.

And then I'll click continue once more once I'm on the action screen I'll make sure to log into my account and then click continue click, continue once more click, Test action and you're all set changing your status is great.

But what if you want to leave your notifications on while getting work done? You might want to update your status to say something like Focus mode and use that headphone emoji.

But if you're right in the middle of a good workflow, the last thing you want to do is pop in a slack to update your status and possibly get distracted while you're at it that's where the zapier Chrome extension comes in by installing the extension, you can make a new zap that starts with a push from the extension as a trigger add a slack set status action step with the Emoji and text you want then the next time you're working on a task, just tap the button in Chrome and zapier will update your status for you can also update your slack status from your voice assistant.

You can use your virtual assistant to update your slack status.

Even when you're away from your desk let's set this up with Amazon Alexa.

We can use one of the pre-made templates in order to start our zap click, the link in the description to get started to start your zap click on the trigger section of your screen titled trigger phrase spoken in Amazon Alexa.

This will open up your trigger click continue and then click test trigger to set up your trigger app once that's complete your action.

Step will automatically open select the slack account.

You would like to use for your zap.

If it's the first time you're logging in you'll need to authenticate your app.

Don't worry, it's, totally safe because zapier uses industry standards for encryption when connecting with each of your apps once you're logged in Click continue under your status.

Text, select prompt and then type in the status Emoji.

You would like to use for your zap I'm going to type in watermelon, click, continue and you're all set up with a few automations.

You can tap one button to update your status or let your calendar and other tools do that for you.

If you want to learn more about slack, Automation and other related topics, you can check out the blog listed on the zapier website, click, the link in the description.

Automatically Update Your Slack Statuses with These Handy Zaps (2024)


Automatically Update Your Slack Statuses with These Handy Zaps? ›

To set your Slack status, just open Slack, tap your profile photo in the top right corner, and click Update your status. You can also use the keyboard shortcut APPLE Shift Y on Mac and Ctrl Shift Y on Windows.

How do I make Slack automatically update status? ›

To set your Slack status, just open Slack, tap your profile photo in the top right corner, and click Update your status. You can also use the keyboard shortcut APPLE Shift Y on Mac and Ctrl Shift Y on Windows.

Can you automate Slack status? ›

Status Scheduler for SlackStatus Scheduler for Slack is the ultimate productivity tool for setting custom Slack statuses automatically, helping you to stay focused and productive. Custom StatusesWith Status Scheduler, you can create custom, one-time or recurring Slack statuses that are completely customisable.

How do I update my Slack status in Zapier? ›

Update your Slack status
  1. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the top right.
  2. Click the Update your status field.
  3. Enter a status and select an emoji, or choose a suggested status option.
  4. Click Clear after to choose when your status will clear. ...
  5. Click Save.

Why is my Slack status not updating? ›

Click on the Home tab at the top, then "Settings" in the top right. Check to make sure you don't have a status enabled.

How do I permanently keep my Slack status bubble green? ›

How to permanently keep your Slack status bubble green. On an iPhone with the Slack app, set your phone's "Auto-Lock" to never and then open the Slack app. As long as your phone is on, and in the Slack app, your bubble will remain green.

How do I get Slack notifications for threads automatically? ›

Get notifications for all threads in a channel

Below the channel name, click the notifications menu. Select More notification options. Check the box next to Get notified about all replies and show them in your Threads view. Click Save Changes.

Is there a trick to keep Slack active? ›

You will remain active as long as the Slack mobile app is open and running on your phone. Go into your phone's settings and set your screen time-out to never. From there, all you need to do is keep the app open and don't turn your phone screen off.

How do I create a Slack automation? ›

Set up a workflow in Slack
  1. What you'll learn.
  2. Choose a trigger.
  3. Customize your workflow.
  4. Step 1: Open Workflow Builder.
  5. Step 2: Choose your workflow name and trigger.
  6. Step 3: Finish workflow setup.
  7. Add a custom workflow icon.

Does power automate work with Slack? ›

Now you have a direct connection to live Slack data from Power Automate tasks. You can create more connections and workflows to drive business — all without replicating Slack data.

How does Zapier work with Slack? ›

Zapier integrations, called Zaps, let Slack interact with other apps you use. You can automatically send messages when something happens in another app or use your Slack message to set off automated tasks. You can even use Zaps to spin up homemade, no-code bots.

How do I connect Slack to Zapier? ›

This guide will show you how you can connect Forms for Slack to 3,000+ apps using
  1. Install the Forms app. ...
  2. Open Slack.
  3. Open the "forms" app under the "Apps" section. ...
  4. Click on "Integrations" ...
  5. Generate your Zapier API key. ...
  6. Search "Forms for Slack"
  7. Choose the Trigger and then "Sign in to Forms for Slack"

How do I run Slack updates? ›

To update Slack on a Mac, iPhone, or Android device, you'll need to go through your system's App Store. The browser version of Slack never needs to manually update, as it will load the most recent version whenever you load the page.

How to trick Slack? ›

You can trick Slack into keeping your status active if you have an optical mouse by playing a looped video on your phone and placing the optical mouse on the screen. The video will keep your status active by deceiving the mouse into believing it is moving.

What is the Slack issue 2023? ›

On May 17, 2023 from 11:28 AM to 11:55 AM PDT some users encountered error messages while connecting to Slack. This issue was a result of an operational change made in error, which caused our databases to become inaccessible. We rolled back this change, fixing the problem for all impacted users.

Does Slack automatically update local time? ›

If you'd like Slack to automatically update your time zone when you're traveling, check the box next to Set time zone automatically. Tap You at the bottom of your screen.

What does green dot with Z mean on Slack? ›

Everyone on your team will see a little 'z' next to your name signifying your DND status, and if they try to send you a direct message, they'll be notified that you're unavailable. You'll still receive Slack messages, but won't receive notifications.

Why won't the blue dot go away on Slack? ›

In your preferences go to "notifications" and uncheck "show a badge on Slack's icon to indicate new activity" and that should do it.

What does the green triangle mean in Slack? ›

Green = Active; Hollow = Away; Circle = Regular User; Triangle = Single Channel Guest.

How do I make Slack notifications pop up? ›

Android. Open your Slack app on your mobile. Tap on the You icon and go to Notifications. When you select troubleshooting notifications, Slack will run the test.

Why am I not getting notifications from Slack threads? ›

Check your Google Play Services settings

Open the Settings app on your Android device. Click Application manager, then locate Google Play Services. Make sure Show notifications is checked.

How do I get updates from threads in Slack? ›

Tap the thread. Tap the three dots icon below the original message. Select Get notified about new replies to receive notifications for all new thread replies, or Turn off notifications for replies to stop receiving notifications.

How long does it take for Slack to go idle? ›

Slack automatically determines your availability: you're set to active when Slack is open on your desktop or mobile device. You're set to away after 10 minutes of desktop inactivity, or if you navigate away or close the app on your mobile device.

What are the different Slack statuses? ›

Your Slack status is also an easy way to share what you're working on or whom coworkers should contact in your absence. Slack comes with five default choices for status, including 🗓in a meeting, 🤒out sick or 🏝on vacation, and your Slack admins can tailor options to fit your team's precise needs.

How do I Create a Slack bot in Zapier? ›

How to build a custom Slack reply bot using Zapier. First you'll need to create a Zapier account or log in to your Zapier account. Then, click the + Create a Zap button in the top left corner, and select Slack as your trigger app. For the trigger event, choose New Public Message Posted Anywhere.

How do I automate Slack bot messages? ›

How to Create a Triggered Workflow in Slack
  1. Create a new workflow, and select the New channel member option.
  2. Select which channel should act as the trigger. ...
  3. Add a Send a message to the workflow, and select Person who joined channel as the answer to the Send this message to: dropdown.
Sep 22, 2022

How do Slack bots make money? ›

Offering bot-only promotions

Another way Slackbots can be used to make money is to create promotions that are only accessible to customers placing orders through the bot itself; these may include free deliveries, discounts, or coupons. These are all solid ways to boost sales and user engagement.

What can you automate in Slack? ›

With steps from apps, you can create workflows that automatically send information to tools like Jira, Salesforce, Google Sheets and Trello, or pull information from these apps into Slack.

How do I optimize Slack for work? ›

Boost work productivity
  1. Schedule a meeting with external partners. ...
  2. Add Slack messages to Google Sheets. ...
  3. Sync your Slack status with your calendar. ...
  4. Receive event reminders and notifications. ...
  5. Run a poll to collect ideas from your teammates. ...
  6. Use screen sharing to solve problems collaboratively. ...
  7. Create and assign tasks.

What programming language is Slack built with? ›

Slack uses PHP for most of its server-side application logic, which is an unusual choice these days.

What is a zap in Slack? ›

In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (we call them Zaps) that turn Slack into your team's command center. Bring calendar events, social media mentions, or new lead details straight into chat, automatically create a to-do list item when you save a Slack message, and so much more.

How much does Zapier Slack cost? ›

Slack Pricing: Free plan available; from $8/user/month for unlimited searches, unlimited app integrations, group calls with screen sharing, guest accounts, and shared channels. Integrate Slack with 1,000+ other apps with Slack's Zapier integration.

What is a Zap Zapier? ›

A Zap is an automated workflow that connects your apps and services together. Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. When you turn your Zap on, it will run the action steps every time the trigger event occurs. Learn more about creating a Zap and managing your Zaps.

How do I push a Slack message to Zapier? ›

Slack Actions let you create a task, to-do, or follow-up from a message. Use this automation to kick off a Zapier workflow on demand. After you set up this integration, click the 3 dots next to any Slack message and select, "Push to Zapier".

How do I integrate with Zapier? ›

We'll support you every step of the way
  1. Step 1: Build. Build your integration using the tools of your choice. ...
  2. Step 2: Share. Get listed on Zapier's website and give users early access to your integration. ...
  3. Step 3: Launch. ...
  4. Step 4: Embed. ...
  5. Step 5: Grow.

How does Zapier react to Slack messages? ›

Zapier can help by sending channel messages in Slack when specified reactions are added to a message. Makes for an easy cross-channel alerts with simple emojis. Triggers when a reaction (aka reactji) is added to a message in a public #channel.

Why is Slack not automatically loading new messages? ›

Step 1: Clear your cache

Open the Slack desktop app, then click Help in your computer's top menu bar. (If you're on Windows 10, click the ☰ three lines icon in the top left of the Slack app.) Select Troubleshooting. Click Clear Cache and Restart.

How do I sync Slack? ›

Share files in Slack channels and messages
  1. Sign in to Slack.
  2. Use the /sync command in any channel or message.
  3. Type /sync and press enter or return.
  4. Navigate to the file you want to share.
  5. Click the (ellipsis) icon beside any file, and choose Share as link.
  6. Click the Share button.

How do I know if Slack is updated? ›

How to Update Slack Mobile App on Google Play
  1. Step 1: Open the Google Play Store. Tap on the Google Play Store app on your Android. ...
  2. Step 2: Type Slack. When you have the Google Play Store open, type Slack at the top (in the search bar). ...
  3. Step 3: Tap Update. If you see the Update option tap it.
Jan 11, 2023

What is Slack secret? ›

Slack signs its requests using a secret unique to your app. With the help of signed secrets, your app can more confidently verify whether requests from Slack are authentic. The signing process is the cooler, younger sibling of verification tokens.

Do mouse jigglers work for Slack? ›

Enter the humble 'mouse jiggler'. Just as it sounds, it's a device you can plug into your laptop that'll periodically move your mouse, making you appear active on Slack and Teams even if you're, you know, doing your laundry or getting a haircut.

Why we stopped using Slack? ›

It Was Disorganized. With multiple, simultaneous conversations happening inside a single Slack channel, we began losing track of things. Ideas were proposed, discussed for a bit, and lost. As a result, the same questions and issues were often brought up multiple times.

Is Slack obsolete? ›

Operating systems (OS)

If you're using an iOS or Android version that has reached end of support, you'll still be able to access Slack as long as you're using a supported app version, but you won't receive app updates.

Is Slack still popular? ›

While Slack has grown steadily in daily active users (DAUs), from six million when Teams launched to 12 million in 2020, Microsoft Teams has surged ahead, currently at 75 million DAUs. This is partly due to Microsoft marketing Teams as a catch-all solution for people and organisations affected by COVID-19.

Can my boss see my location on Slack? ›

It's important to remember that even if your coworkers or even your boss might not have easy access to your private Slack messages, there's still a lot they can learn about you based on your profile, like your time zone, your contact information, phone number, location, and social media (you might volunteer this ...

How do I automatically update Slack status in meeting? ›

Go for it!
  1. Install the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar app to your Slack workspace.
  2. From your desktop, click Apps at the top of your left sidebar. ...
  3. Search for and select the app that you added to open it. ...
  4. For Google Calendar, click the Settings button from the app's Home tab to turn on status syncing.

Does Slack track your hours? ›

Slack allows integration with plenty of project management and work tools. It also enables you to track time, all in one app. With time tracking software integrated with Slack, you can manage your team in real-time on one platform without hassle.

How do I make Slack show online always? ›

Method 2: Update your Slack Status Manually
  1. Step 1: Click Your Profile. Click your photo in the top right corner of your screen. Click Your Profile. ©
  2. Step 2: Set Yourself as Active. If your status is Away, the option to set yourself as Active will appear and vice versa. Click set yourself as Active.
Jun 27, 2023

How do I sync Slack and teams status? ›

Connect your Microsoft and Slack accounts

From your desktop, click Apps at the top of the left sidebar. If you don't see this option, click More to find it. Search for and select Microsoft Teams Calls. From the app's Home tab, click Connect.

How do I set up auto response in Slack? ›

Start by clicking on the organization's name on the top left, then click on Settings and administration before selecting Customize .
  1. At this point, the Slack admin will open in a new tab. ...
  2. Next, click on the 'Add New Response' button to create an auto-response to specific words or phrases.
May 26, 2023

Can you use Teams like Slack? ›

Slack is a chat-based collaboration tool that emphasizes communication, while Teams is a comprehensive collaboration suite that offers chat, video conferencing, and integrated document management. Teams is part of the Microsoft ecosystem, while Slack is a standalone tool with robust third-party integrations.

What is clockwise Slack status? ›

Clockwise lets you select between three levels of syncing your event status: Off – This disables your sync status from syncing. With event titles – If you select this option, Clockwise will sync the full title of your meetings to your Slack status.

How do I set automatic response? ›

Create an automatic reply

Click FILE > Automatic Replies > Send Automatic Replies. Add and format your message. Optionally, click Only send during this time range, and then pick start and end dates.

How do I trigger a workflow in Slack? ›

Open the menu in a particular Slack workspace, scroll down to Tools, and select Workflow Builder to launch the function. 2. Click the Create button to begin the process, and give your workflow a descriptive title.

Does Slack have a scheduling feature? ›

By adding a calendar app to Slack, you can schedule meetings and invite people you work with without having to leave your workspace. The calendar app will show you available time slots and recommend the best time for your event.

Can Slack posts be scheduled? ›

Send or schedule messages

Click the message field. Type your message and add any attachments, emoji, mentions, or formatting you'd like. Press Enter to send your message. Or click the arrow icon (next to the paper plane icon) to schedule it for later.

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