How to Install a Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit | Add a 3 Way Switch Without Additional Wiring (2023)


In this video I show you a hack that an electrician friend told me about to turn any standard switch into a "3 way switch" by adding a light switch anywhere you want. It is done by installing the Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit. There is no extra wiring needed to be run for the second switch. Running wire can be a pain, especially if there is no attic access. With this method a second light switch can be installed in minutes.

Items Used In the Video:
Lutron Caseta Smart Home Dimmer Switch:
Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge:
4 Gang Decora Switch Plate:
2 Gang Decora Switch Plate:

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Hey, guys, welcome back to the channel.

So today, I'll be showing you guys a really cool trick that an electrician friend showed me that they sometimes use in order to install a second switch or a three-way switch.

So that you're able to operate your lights, for instance, from two different locations, and they do it without having to run any additional wiring to that second switch.

So that means no traveler wires or anything like that.

So I'm going to quickly show you how to do it.

The device that's used in order to make it all possible.

And you can actually use this device to dim your lights, and you can control it from your phone.

If you would like to so let's, go ahead and jump.

Right in let's go.

Now, the device that's going to make this all possible is this one right here? It is the cassetta wireless dimmer kit and it's made by lutron.

And you can pick this up numerous places and I'll also have links down in the description where you can check it out as well.


So this is pretty much everything that comes in the kit.

So we can turn that regular light switch into a three-way switch.

So this is the light switch that's going to be taking the place of the current light switch.

And then this is going to be the second switch.

This is everything you need in order to turn a standard light switch into a three-way switch.

Essentially now I bought the bigger kit.

So that I can operate it with my phone and also use my echo dot if I wanted to so you would have to get this smart hub.

And of course, it comes with the charging cord and an ethernet cord.

But if you don't care about it working on a cell phone, or some sort of smart device and you're good with just having these two switches, then this is all you need.

You don't need this upgraded kit.

So this is going to be the switch we're going to be replacing.

This is just a standard dimmer switch.

But we want this to be a three-way switch so we're going to go ahead and remove this.

So the first thing you want to do is make sure that the power is off so go to your main panel and shut off the power that supplies the power to this switch once that circuit breaker's off.

I always check it with a multimeter, just to make sure that everything is in fact off.

And now I can remove all the wires that are currently attached to the light switch that's in the wall.

All right.

So now that we've got the old switch removed I'm going to show you here on the back of this new switch, what we've got.

So we've just got three wires on this new switch there's.

This green wire, which of course, is our ground wire.

And then we've got these two black wires.

You can hook either one of these two wires up to either one of these two wires.

It makes no difference at all all right.

So now that we've got the wires all straightened out we're going to go ahead and start by wiring up first this ground wire.

And all you got to do is just match it up with the copper wire coming out of the box and just start twisting it on keeping it up towards the top of that bare copper wire.

Once you've got it just started, then you can take a wire nut and put it on top of those wires and twist it on twisting those two wires together.

So now we'll wire up our two black wires.

And again, it does not matter which one of these is hooked to which black wire for this particular switch.

And then once you've got the wire nuts on just give each wire, a little tug to make sure that they're not going to come out all right.

So now we've got everything wired up on this switch.

We can go ahead and push everything into the back of this box all right.

So now we're going to take our screws.

And then once you've got them started go ahead and screw them down tight.

And then you can go ahead and put your cover on your light switch box.

So this is where installing this second switch is pretty cool as you can see.

I've got one box here with a light switch in it.

And this light switch is a three-way switch that controls the lights in the kitchen.

So I also want to be able to install this second switch, right next to it that's going to complete our three-way switch installation in most cases where, of course you'd have to run wiring.

You'd also have to cut this out for a double box.

This is what then the second switch mounts into.

And then the cover will go over the top.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put this cover piece on there.

So that I know where I'm going to be putting my holes for that clear piece now I'm going to take my drill and I'm going to drill out my pilot holes in order to mount that plastic piece to the wall now that I've got my pilot holes, I can insert my anchors.

Now I can take that clear mounting bracket and put it right up against the wall and start inserting the screws into those anchors.

Once you've got your clear mounting bracket in place, then you can take your second switch and flip it over and on the back you'll, see this it's a piece of tape here that if you wanted to instead of having it look real, nice with a trim piece around it, you could just tape it to the wall, and it would slide off of this clear piece that adheres to whatever surface what you can even put it on glass.

If you wanted to, but in this case, it's going on to this mounting bracket.

So once you've got that removed, then you can just take that switch and slide it down onto that clear mounting bracket like so.

And then you can proceed to install your cover for your switch.

So now let's show you how to program this switch to the wired switch.

So the next step to program, these is we're going to hold this bottom button down or the off button down for approximately six seconds.

And then once we've held it down long enough these lights over here on the left will start blinking all right.

So back over here, at the second switch, just hold down that bottom button for about six seconds.

And so now you see this top light is blinking so that's, just letting us know that the programming is complete.

And these two switches are now communicating with each other.

And so now we have our three-way switch.

Now just to briefly go over these buttons, what they do.

This is obviously your off button.

This is your on button.

And then these are your dimmer buttons to bring the lights down or put them brighter.

So these are all the steps you would need in order to take a standard switch and turn it into a three-way switch without running any wires.

This is just the standard kit.

But now I'm going to go and install the hub and show you a little bit about how you can then with installing the hub run, these lights using your phone or a smart device like an echo dot or a google home device, installing the hardware really is as easy as plugging into a wall, and then connecting it to your modem or router via a ethernet cord from there you're going to need to download the lutron app onto your phone or your tablet using either the google play store or the app store.

So once the app is installed now you can just set up all of your settings.

And the app is going to walk you through all the steps step by step it's, super easy to do.

And then you can get into the fun part where you can start turning your switch on and turning it off using that phone once it's all connected to the hub.

You can also dim the lights to whatever level you would like as well.

Now, the app also allows you to set schedule so say, for instance, you're going out of town, and you want your lights to come on at a certain time and also shut off at a certain time.

You can set up schedules in order for it to do that.

And you are able to set these schedules for whatever days you are wanting for your lights to come on or turn off you're able to set the time to whatever time you want them to come on.

And then also then set a schedule to turn them off, or you can set it to sunrise and sunset.

And then you can select which lights you would like the schedule to control if you have multiple lutron devices in the house, you can do it all within the app.

I've actually used these schedules, a few times when we've gone on vacation, and they've worked great.

So I hope that this video was helpful and it's going to make things easier and safer in order to install that second switch that you've been wanting, or maybe now want to have if it was helpful, please, let me know by giving the video a thumbs up.

And of course, if you have any questions at all, I always welcome them down in the comment section.

And I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one see.


How to Install a Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer Kit | Add a 3 Way Switch Without Additional Wiring? ›

Any Caseta smart switch (and one Caseta smart dimmer) can be installed in a 3-way application with a non-smart mechanical switch.

Can you use Lutron Caseta on a 3-way switch? ›

Any Caseta smart switch (and one Caseta smart dimmer) can be installed in a 3-way application with a non-smart mechanical switch.

Can you use Smart dimmer 3 way switch? ›

It is possible to install Brilliant in "3-way" or "multi-way" configurations, where more than one switch controls the same light.

Can dimmer switches be used with 3 way switches? ›

You will need a three-way dimmer and a three-way switch. This lets you dim from one location and turn the lights on and off from another. If only one switch controls the light, purchase a single-pole dimmer. If two switches control a single light or a group of lights, you will need a three-way dimmer.

Can you have a dimmer on both sides of a 3 way switch? ›

When using a 3-way dimmer switch, you should only have one dimmer on the circuit. The other switches (you can have more than one) must be on-off switches only.

Which wire is common on a 3-way dimmer switch? ›

Black wire: This is a hot wire that carries electricity from the power source to the first switch in a typical 3-way setup. It's also called the “common wire” or the “line wire.” Unless the breaker is off, this black wire is always hot.

What is the difference between a 2 wire and 3-wire dimmer switch? ›

The simple explanation is that a 2-wire system does not include a Neutral wire at the light switch, the 3-wire system does include the Neutral at the switch.

Does 3-way dimmer need neutral? ›

Yes, neutral wires are required for installation (present for most US homes built after 1978). To check, turn off power at the circuit breaker and remove the existing switch. A pair of white wires should be present.

Can you use Lutron Caseta without bridge? ›

Do I need to have a Smart Hub to use Caséta products? Caséta dimmers & switches are able to communicate directly to Lutron Pico remotes and do not require a hub or wifi to function.

Can Lutron caseta control multiple switches? ›

Add a Second Switch Anywhere

Adding an additional switch is easy and wire free. Just pair the smart remote with an existing Caséta dimmer switch and put it where you want another point of control.

Why does my Lutron Caseta dimmer flash when I turn it on? ›

What causes LED bulb flicker or flashing? LED bulbs can sometimes flicker because LEDs are more sensitive to electrical fluctuations than are standard incandescents / halogens. When current flows through an incandescent/halogen bulb's filament, the current heats it up.

Does it matter where the dimmer goes in a 3-way circuit? ›

If you only have 2 locations, the dimmer can go at either location. If you have 3 or more locations, it can only go at the beginning or end. On the 3-way switch there is a black screw. This should either have the power coming into the circuit or the wire going up to the light.

Where does the red wire go on a 3-way dimmer switch? ›

The dimmer switch has a ground wire, a red wire, a black wire, and a striped red wire. According to the instructions on the dimmer the black wire should be connected to power; the red wire should go out to the light; the striped red wire should just be capped; and the ground should go to the ground.

Why are there 3 wires on my dimmer switch? ›

A 3-wire NM connects the travelers of the dimmer to the travelers of the 3-way switch. Traveler wires are interchangeable on each switch.

What equipment is needed to wire a three-way switch? ›

Tools Required
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver.
  • Electrical tape.
  • Needle-nose pliers.
  • Non-contact voltage tester.
  • Utility knife.
  • Wire stripper/cutter.
May 15, 2023

How does a wireless 3-way switch work? ›

A 3-way smart switch is a Wi-Fi enabled switch that lets you control lights and other devices from two different locations. It is one step ahead of regular manual switches and the primary switch functions in conjunction with the add-on switch.

Is it necessary to replace both switches in a 3 way circuit with smart wireless switches? ›

When installing Decora Smart® Wi-Fi devices do I need to replace both switches? Yes. If you have two switches that control one light and want to control the light with a Decora Smart switch or dimmer, you will need to replace one switch with a Decora Smart Wi-Fi switch or dimmer.

Can you have a dimmer switch and a regular switch on the same circuit? ›

You can only use one push-on/push-off dimmer in a 2-way circuit. It must be used in conjunction with a normal switch. When you switch on a push-on/off dimmer the lights will come on at the same level they were at before they were last switched off. Push-on/off dimmers can also be used in 1-way circuits.

Do both switches have to be on for a 3 way switch? ›

Three-way switches are connected to a hot wire from the electric panel and a wire that connects to the light. However, they have two special wires that connect to each other, called travellers. These two wires create their own internal circuit so that if a light is off, either switch can turn it on.

How many wires does a 3 way dimmer switch have? ›

Attach the Dimmer Switch

There will be three wires: one black, one white, and a separate ground wire that may be bare copper or is sometimes wrapped in green.

What is the best 3 way dimmer switch? ›

Top Pick - Best 3 Way Smart Light Switch: Leviton 1000W Wifi Smart Dimmer. I personally have a few of these in my home for 3 way switch locations at my stairwells. They have worked flawlessly for years without any issues and I have them connected to both Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control.

How many LED lights can I put on a dimmer switch? ›

Varilight recommend putting no more than 10 LED lamps on one dimmer module. You can put multiple lamps on one plate, so if you have a three gang dimmer plate you can put thirty LED lamps on the plate in total (10 on each module).

Does Lutron make a 4 way dimmer? ›

Lutron Claro 15 Amp On/Off 4-Way Switch, CA-4PS-WH, White - Dimmer Switches -

Can I hook up a dimmer switch to a light that is controlled by two different switches? ›

Yes, it is possible to install a dimmer switch on a light that is controlled by two different switches, but it requires a specific type of dimmer switch and wiring configuration. The type of dimmer switch you need is called a three-way dimmer switch.

Where does the power wire go on a 3 way switch? ›

The black hot wire connects to the far right switch's common terminal. Red and blue wires link the traveler terminals of both switches. The red wire, which is connected to the first switch's common terminal, leads back to the fixture.

Will Lutron caseta work without ground wire? ›

Ground wires are an essential safety mechanism that helps reduce the risk of electrical shock and fire. Lutron Caseta does not require a neutral wire in order to operate. It does, however, need a ground wire. While a Lutron Caseta switches can function without a ground wire, it's required by electrical code to use one.

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