Replace Moen faucet cartridge, o-rings, and sprayer for free! (2023)


This video documents all the (free) parts I received from Moen in repairing my Moen Torrance faucet model #CA87480CSL​, but this video also applies to:
CA87480, Lever, Chrome
CA87480CSL - Classic Stainless,
CA87480SRS - Spot Resistant Stainless
CA87484CSL - Classic Stainless w/spray in deck
CA87484SRS - Spot Resistant Stainless w/spraying deck

The replacement cartridge (1255) is about $18 (Amazon) to $20 (Lowe's), and entire installation takes less than 10 minutes.

Link to the CA87480 series faucets:​

Parts diagram for CA87480, CA87480SRS, CA87484SRS, 87485:​

Parts diagram for CA87480CSL, CA87480SRS, CA87484CSL, CA87484SRS:​

Moen warranty site:​

Tools needed:
■ 7/64 allen wrench
■ small flat screwdriver
■ 7/8" deep socket & socket wrench or crescent wrench


Hey, guys, this is mo and torrence faucet, I'll, put the actual serial number in the description, um, I got two problems with this last year or so I replaced the cartridge because I was getting 30 particles, uh, coming out and that fixed the uh, the dirty particle issue.

But now sometimes I get water running out of here.

You can see a little bit it doesn't happen all the time, but I think it depends on, you can see the water sticking out.

And the other problem is this sprayer gets stuck after I push it down.

It doesn't pop back up.

And what I have to do is actually disassemble it and manually pop this back out.

So I called moen, and they sent me the cartridge.

Actually, this is the cartridge that I replaced.

So and the cap over the cartridge and this little screw and an allen wrench this little screw is the one that goes in there, and then the sprit as you can see, there should be a spring action.

Here my mind gets stuck.

So it doesn't pop back up.

So I was actually surprised, uh, it was all covered under warranty.

I think let me see what did they ask me? They asked me when did I buy it? Where did I buy it? And you know, I couldn't remember exact time.

So I just gave him roughly, you know what? You know, eight seven nine years ago, and I bought it at lowe's and that's all that was needed and uh, they sent the whole thing forgot one more item that they sent.

So they sent these, uh, rubber, o-rings, here's one.

And I think this one has two so basically I'm going to replace the internal guts of the faucet.

So can you believe that guys they sent all these for free? So these two, I got it within one or two weeks after the call this one they had to back orders.

So I had to wait about six weeks.

So I waited until actually I got this.

So I can do the entire video at one time.

So the tools you're gonna need is you're gonna need, uh, some kind of pick like this, even a maybe a toothpick might work.

Okay, the reason why you need that is you need to take out this small rubber piece that goes in there, okay.

And uh, sometimes it's easy to get out mine, uh, came out easily last time when I worked on this.

But this time it was actually pushed in quite a bit.

And I had to really, uh, pick on it with this to get it out.


So once that's out you're gonna use this allen wrench right in there to take out the screw and I'll go through the the actual steps, uh, you're, gonna need a crescent wrench like this, or a 7 8 inch socket.

Last time, this worked better because with the crescent wrench, I felt like I was going to break this top.

It was kind of on there tight.

But using this uh socket made it easier, uh to loosen it.

And you might need a flashlight.

If you need to look inside the hole here, um, you know to line up the, uh, your allen wrench by the way.

This is the faucet model that I have one more thing on parts.

Uh when I compare the the parts that I received against the parts that I uh saw on the diagram, the numbers didn't match, but the actual parts fit perfectly.

So I think some of the part numbers are interchangeable.

So just keep that in mind.

Before we get started make sure, you turn off the hot and cold water.

Under the sink first use a some sort of pick or kind of a printed object to take out, the uh, the small rubber cap.

Um, in my case it was kind of stuck in there.

So I had to really dig in deeply you're gonna stick the allen wrench in there and you're gonna pull out the uh this, tiny, screw here.

It's almost out I think it only takes, uh, maybe six, seven.

Turns, okay and then this thing just kind of wiggle it and it pops out.


I'm going to clean all the mess before.

I put it back in so if your cap is kind of tight, try using the socket instead of the crescent wrench, okay.

It comes off and just just comes off so you're.

Gonna have some water in here? Uh, when you take this out, the water's gonna spill out so get some paper towel, and I was just kind of sucking out the water, but I got the towel there to catch any water for this black piece, I'll show you in more detail, uh, it's going to be wedged in there.

I had to use one of these.

You can use a screwdriver, don't break it even moans didn't, send me the extra piece.

So I kind of gently very gently pry it up down up on it.

It didn't take much pressure.


So it's gonna look like this and it's, pretty thin plastic.

So I can easily see it breaking.

Okay, after that.

I just kind of wiggled this a little bit until I felt it was loosened.

You see all the water coming out.

This is why you want to get a towel here, it's starting to come up and getting stuck coming up and getting stuck.

So just kind of there, let's, take a look at what we got here.

This o-ring here is somewhat loose and it's actually very flattened.

This one.

Here is a little bit better condition.

So I'm using one of these to get under the uh, the o-ring.

Okay, I popped out one side as you can see the the rubber is kind of it's worn out.

You can see all the black particles coming out.

I don't know, if you can see it clearly, but there's, some cracks also.

And the outer surface is not even you can see they're just kind of falling apart when I rub on it, and it feels flat and it's.

Not even.

So this is the new one and here's the old one.

Now what's interesting is, I looked up the part numbers.

And the new one is actually different part.


Okay, I'll.

This is what they sent me, but that's, not the part number that I see in the parts diagram for my faucet.

So I'll have more details later when I get back to editing the video.

But I mean, I gave her the uh, the faucet model, and she ordered me the right parts for the others.

So I think she knew what she was doing from the naked eye.

They look pretty much same so I'm gonna give it a shot? Okay? Same as the last one I'm using one of these to get underneath the uh, the o-ring just to pop out one edge, and then I'm gonna kind of, you know, rolling motion kind of roll it up the rest of the way, actually the bottom one's in better shape.

It came with the grease.

So we got to apply the grease before we put this back on.

Okay, I'm gonna kind of clean up all the gunk that's around here, uh.

So that things fit more tightly.


So I got most of the uh, big particles that were kind of stuck on there, scraped off.

And it gives it a thorough brushing here.

Oh, this came off so you're supposed to apply some grease.



So this I can feel is uh much.

It doesn't say, clearly so I'm gonna actually apply a little bit of grease inside.

And then to the outside.

Okay, I got some grease applied to the inside of the slot where the o-ring goes slide, the o-ring under and then I'm going to apply some grease to the outside actually come to think of it.

They probably need to grease just to the outside.

Okay, that's enough for now all right.

Let me get the second one there.

I need to get past the first one same thing for the second one I'm, gonna just go ahead and apply some inside as well, just a thin coat, okay, and then okay on there.

And let me apply some grease to the outside.

Actually they give us quite a bit of grease.

So I'm, not sure how much use was put on.

I gotta put a little bit just a slightly more thicker layer, probably have more than 50 left before.

I actually put that back in I'm gonna actually clean I'm gonna do some scraping and uh brush it and get all that looks like a mineral built up on there.


Next I'm gonna put this back on.

It feels a little bit tighter than when it came out, because of the o-rings are good.

Uh, this is not in all the way it should move like this.


So that's sitting in all the way.

Next is this thing here, remember there's a broken tab.

So it's, actually, broken, it's, it's by design, uh, look around the surface here.

And you should see a little notch and that's where this is gonna go.

So mine happens to be on the back here.


So I'm gonna install this the teeth side up that's in there.

Next man, put this back in there's also notches here that you got to line up.

And you notice there's a kind of a two small holes and one large one, and they gotta line up.


So that's in there, including this plastic nut.


So we don't want to tighten this too much.

Okay, because it's, uh, the plastic just going very lightly and I'm just gonna go until I feel maybe like a 10 pounds of pressure.

Okay, just until they feel feels snug cleaned all that.

This is gonna go in there cleaned all this just fit in there.

Okay, I'm gonna use the new screw that.

They gave me it's, it's actually got the the blue tape wrapped on there.

So now, if you notice one side has a hole, this is where your allen wrench kind of fit so don't, screw it.

The other way, okay, the other side doesn't have hole again, I'm, not super tightening.

It I'm, uh, doing it about, you know, like I said, maybe 10 pounds or less.


So that's all in there before I work on the sprayer.

I want to see if the uh, the leak is fixed, get rid of all the water.

There remember last time I showed you this sprayer doesn't work, and I literally have to take this out and pull this thing up manually.

Pull this up manually.


So, excuse my messenger from clean, but first, but right now, I'm, not seeing any water coming out anywhere.

This is what they sent me and looks like.

I just gotta unplug this from under the cabinet.

This is the hose that's, uh that sprayer hose.

So apparently these things are called, uh, hyderabad.

Hydro, lock.

This is the moen design.

And you see these, uh, two tabs here.

Now, especially if you squeeze those, it should pop out to the other side.

Okay, like this.

You saw pop out sometimes it's hard to do things with uh, one hand, holding the camera and trying to get a light and trying to catch the water.

So anyway, I'll clean the water afterwards, but I got a lot of things going on here.

So let me pull this out, hopefully it'll come out with one hand.

Ah, it did.


So that's, how you disconnect it.

So basically, again, you squeeze on these two white tabs, okay and squeeze and kind of push that way.

And this thing popped out it'll allow this to pop out.


Now, I'm back at the top.

Okay, it was just stuck a little bit.

Okay, okay.

So it came in all wrapped up in small circles.

So I had to kind of stretch it and straighten it out a little bit.

I measure the length just to make sure it's the same length.

So I get this down in there.


Now let's go underneath.

I got the new hose all right.

Okay, just went in I'm gonna push this.

Okay, you heard the snap.

It feels like it's in there, pretty tight I'm gonna turn on my water, switch.

Okay, I'm back up here.

Now, water is good.


Now, the spinner shuts off.

I just want to make sure I got no leak and looks dry forgot this piece when you're all done stick this in there.

I want to give a huge credit to moen.

I mean, how many companies do we have left in this world that provide this long of a warranty with this level of service when I call them, the lady was just super nice, uh.

She didn't hassle me with the fact that I hadn't registered, uh, in fact, uh, when you get your own product, you should probably register.

I suppose that could hassle you for, uh, not having registered.

But she just asked me, where did I get it? How long ago was it? What model was it that was it and uh, she was willing to send me all the parts that were necessary and even more, um.

So what I an awesome awesome company.

So you can come here and I'll put the link in the description, um, you can call them.

It might be easy just to call them.

If you don't know, exactly what parts you need.

They'll walk you through, but certainly you should register.

And if you come to the installation section, you got the installation videos here, warranty information, registering, the product all these links are on the this warranty page.

If you come here, they have a lot of videos here, um.

But I couldn't find the exact one that I I needed so that's, why I did my own hope this video helped you guys and uh, if it did, please like and subscribe and I'll, see you guys next time.

Thanks for watching.


Replace Moen faucet cartridge, o-rings, and sprayer for free!? ›

If this faucet should ever develop a leak or drip during the Warranty Period, Moen will FREE OF CHARGE provide the parts necessary to put the faucet back in good working condition and will replace FREE OF CHARGE any part or finish that proves defective in material and manufacturing workmanship, under normal ...

Does Moen replace faucet parts for free? ›

If this faucet should ever develop a leak or drip during the Warranty Period, Moen will FREE OF CHARGE provide the parts necessary to put the faucet back in good working condition and will replace FREE OF CHARGE any part or finish that proves defective in material and manufacturing workmanship, under normal ...

Are Moen products guaranteed for life? ›

Most Moen products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

What is Moens limited lifetime warranty? ›

Limited Lifetime Warranty - All finishes and non-electronic/mechanical components are covered by the Moen® Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original consumer purchaser. Electronics have a five-year warranty.

How long should a Moen faucet cartridge last? ›

The valves are easy to move against pressure, and maintain their position easily. You can even leave them set to the same temperature setting and control the volume from off to full on. The system has expensive cartridges, they cost about $30 (2014) to replace, but they last a long time -- 20 to 30 years.

How do I identify my Moen faucet model? ›

Exact model numbers can be found on your box or on your instruction sheet. If unavailable, you may find the general family series number on the back of the spout (non pullout).

How do I know if my Moen faucet cartridge is bad? ›

Signs that a cartridge faucet needs repair are water dripping from the spout, difficulty in adjusting the water temperature, hot water entering cold water outlets like toilet supply lines and inadequately heated water at some faucets.

Can a Moen cartridge be cleaned? ›

Place the cartridge in a large container and soak it in vinegar or citric acid for seven hours, then rinse it thoroughly with clean water and allow to air dry.

Is it hard to replace a Moen cartridge? ›

Replacing a faucet cartridge is a surprisingly easy task, especially for Moen faucets. There's almost never any reason to call a plumber for this work when you can do it yourself in just a few minutes.

Does lifetime warranty really mean lifetime? ›

A lifetime warranty can mean the life of the product; once a manufacturer stops making replacement parts, the warranty ends. It can also mean as long as a company is in business, or as long as you are the first owner.

Does lifetime warranty mean forever? ›

A lifetime warranty is a guarantee that a manufacturer will repair or replace any defective parts for their products and comes at no additional cost. The “lifetime” may reference the suggested lifetime of the product (when used as intended), or the time that the product is in production (or some years after that date).

What is reasonable lifetime warranty? ›

What is a “reasonable lifetime”? The reasonable lifetime warranty provides that goods must serve for normal use for a reasonable period of time. However, the law does not specify, for example, that a television set must have a lifetime of 10 years.

Where is the Moen cartridge model number? ›

A: To determine the correct Moen replacement cartridge for your faucet, you will need to identify the model number of your Moen faucet. This can be found on the underside of the spout or handle.

Why does my new Moen cartridge still leaks? ›

Your faucet may contain a ceramic, brass, or rubber seat that is meant to form a seal at the bottom of the cartridge opening. The seat can become damaged with use so that it no longer fits correctly into the hole in the cartridge, which allows water to leak. The O-ring may also become cracked and cause a leak.

What causes a faucet cartridge to go bad? ›

Faucet and shower cartridge failures are generally the result of a rubber O ring inside the faucet or valve having dried out or passages in the cartridge have become blocked. A failure can result in a leaky faucet a shower that will not allow the hot water to flow.

Do all Moen faucets use the same cartridge? ›

Moen has used different cartridges over the years. If you are unsure of what faucet you have please click Identify My Product. For warranty information, see article How to Identify if My Product is Warrantied. For a warranty replacement cartridge, contact Moen at 1-800-BUY-MOEN.

How many different Moen faucet cartridges are there? ›

This is done by finding the right cartridge ID number. Fortunately, Moen makes this process fairly simple because, over the last 40-years, they have only made four different types of cartridge valves. These are numbered 1200, 1222, 1225, and 1255.

Do all Moen faucets use the same valve? ›

Moen has manufactured many types of shower rough-in valves including four types single handle shower valves. The trim kits are not interchangeable. It is important to identify which valve is currently installed by looking at the escutcheon screw location and the handle operation.

Can a faucet cartridge get clogged? ›

Your faucet cartridge sits deeper in your faucet than your aerator and has a hole through which water passes. These cartridges become clogged or blocked by hard water build up which produces low water pressure in kitchen faucets. Often, they just need to be cleaned. This is another relatively easy DIY fix.

How much does it cost to replace a faucet cartridge? ›

A faucet cartridge costs $10 to $80, depending on the brand, material, and valve type. Plumbers charge $90 to $270 in labor to replace a shower cartridge. Some shower valve cartridges are covered by a lifetime parts warranty.

What happens to a lifetime warranty when a company goes out of business? ›

The lifetime in question is rarely the lifetime of the purchaser, but rather the length of time the manufacturer continues to make the product." In other words, the lifetime warranty of any product is only valid if the company remains in business. If the company dies, the warranty dies with it.

Does Milwaukee offer lifetime warranty? ›

Limited* Lifetime Warranty or as Marked on Packaging. *Lifetime Warranty is limited to faulty workmanship and materials. Lifetime Guarantee is valid for the life of the Accessories / Hand Tool (original ownership and non-transferable) to faulty workmanship and materials.

How many years is a lifetime guarantee? ›

The lifetime warranty is valid for as long as you own the product. This type of lifetime warranty is more common with high-quality companies and manufacturers that have been in business for a long time. Your product will be covered under warranty for as long as you own it, whether it be five or fifty years.

What are the conditions of a lifetime warranty? ›

A lifetime warranty is usually a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that has no time limit to make a claim, rather than a warranty that the product will perform for the lifetime of the buyer.

Who has the longest warranty? ›

Kia, Genesis, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai offer the longest warranties on the market today. Their bumper-to-bumper warranties cover 5 years or 60,000 miles, and each offers a powertrain warranty that covers 10 years or 100,000 miles.

What happens when warranty expires? ›

Once your warranty has expired, you'll need a Plan B to assist with the costs of breakdowns and breakages. Once past its expiration date, any mechanical or electrical costs becomes the owner's liability. Wear and tear issues also don't fall under general car insurance policies.

Is paying for warranty worth it? ›

While it may sound like a good idea in theory, extended warranties often come with a high price tag and don't necessarily cover everything that could go wrong. Plus, many people who buy extended warranties never use them. In that case, an extended warranty becomes a cost with no financial return.

What is the difference between a lifetime warranty and a lifetime guarantee? ›

Legally, there is little to no difference between warranties and guarantees, but warranties are usually more likely to be written contracts than guarantees are. Written contracts are more valuable than oral contracts.

Is labor covered under warranty? ›

What Does a Car Warranty Cover? A car warranty covers defects or damage that occurs during regular use and can't be considered normal wear and tear. It pays to replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts at the company's discretion behind the warranty. It also covers labor.

Can I use Moen faucet without sprayer? ›

Yes, but you will have to plug or cap the outlet tube on the faucet used to connect the sprayer hose. If you have an empty hole in your sink, you can use it for a soap dispenser or install a plug. Yes, you can install a kitchen faucet without a sprayer.

Why did my faucet stop working after using sprayer? ›

The most common cause is mineral deposits in the sprayer. Remove and soak it in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution for several hours. The second most common cause is a kinked hose under the sink.

What causes a Moen faucet to stop working? ›

Loose cables – If the cables of these faucets are loose, their overall functionality could be affected. Faulty/weak batteries – Batteries that aren't installed properly can haywire the faucets. Poor to no battery charge can cause the same problems.

How to get free Moen replacement cartridge? ›

Replacement parts may be obtained by calling 1-800-289-6636 (Canada 1-800-465-6130), or by writing to Moen Incorporated, 25300 Al Moen Drive, North OImsted, OH 44070-8022. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) from the original consumer purchaser must accompany all warranty claims.

How do I know if I have a Moen 1222 vs 1225? ›

The biggest difference between the Moen 1222 vs 1225 cartridges is how the shower valve handle turns the water on. Shower valves with the Moen 1225 cartridge are turned on by pulling the handle out and then adjusting the temperature by turning the handle to the left or right for hot or cold water.

Is it better to repair or replace faucet? ›

If it's the first time the faucet has sprung a leak, a repair could be a smart, cost-effective option, but if the damage is extensive or the leak keeps recurring, it might be better for your wallet, in the long run, to replace it with a new one.

What is the most frequent failure in a typical faucet? ›

Rust or buildup

The most common issue that arises from a faucet is buildup on the fixture. In most instances, small deposits should not be cause for concern; however, rust or excessive calcium crusting on a faucet may cause unwanted plumbing problems or water flow concerns.

How much should I pay to replace a faucet? ›

Installing a new kitchen or bathroom faucet is usually an affordable project with an average cost between $150 and $400. With cheaper models and DIY installation, prices could be as low as $50, while higher-end units or more complicated projects requiring a plumber could cost up to $4,000.

What happens when a faucet cartridge fails? ›

Faucet and shower cartridge failures are generally the result of a rubber O ring inside the faucet or valve having dried out or passages in the cartridge have become blocked. A failure can result in a leaky faucet a shower that will not allow the hot water to flow.

Why does my new Moen faucet have low water pressure? ›

Test the water from the hose. If the flow is low, replace the cartridge. If there is a good flow, clean and replace the screen washer located between the sprayer and hose. If the problem persists replace the spray wand.

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