Join me today as I demonstrate the proper way to replace a Moen 1225 cartridge


Howdy friends, welcome back to the show in today's video, we're on location at a customer's home.

And we've got to call that it's, an elderly lady and she's having a hard time, turning on and off a shower and we'll go and we'll.

Take a look and we'll.

See what we're up against I'll see inside it's like an old mowing valve all righty.

We want to head outside and turn the water off.

There are people living here.

So we can't do a lot of talking let's.

Take this apart and I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about it's hard for an older person to pull and push this valve on it's, an old 1225 melon valve see, it's got some tension to it.

You have to kind of wiggle it back and forth to get it out when you don't have a lot of strength in your hands and stuff.

It becomes a real pain.

So we're going to take this assembly out and see if we can remove that cartridge from there all right, let's.

Take this cap off here, got a phillips head screwdriver.

Take that screw off there, nice and easy.

We don't want to break that screw off, then we'll have a lot of problems on our hands.

Okay and off with the handle.

Next thing we're going to do is remove the barrel right? There's.

Our little pin clip that's got to come off there before we pull that clip out of there.

I put a towel down here.

Just in case, this thing gets out of my hands, and it falls and it don't land in the drain it's a safety net.

So a little kick see that take a little horseshoe clip out of there, put it aside now we got to get our moen cartridge, puller and get this baby out here.

Here is my original melon cartridge puller.

You can buy these, but they're, not going to be the same qualities when I bought this.

I've had this thing for over 20 years.

A lot of new ones are made out of cast aluminum.

This is real steel all right.

And I've heard a lot of people say they bought these.

They end up breaking them.

Well, I put this thing to the toughest of everything I have and it's still working to this day, let's, go ahead and line it up on there, screw that down a little bit just.

So it gets to a point like right there and then we're going to screw this in which is going to go into the middle of the stem of that cartridge like so we'll get a pair of channel locks and start tightening that thing down.

So we can extract that cartridge all right, nice and easy.

Take your time all right looks like we got it ready time, nice and slow bring it out there.

She comes all in one piece, just like that see how nice that was that's, a moen 1225, push and pull tub shower.


Next thing we're going to do is we're going to look up inside of there, real close and make sure that there's, no debris that's going to be causing an obstruction before we put our new cartridge back in that really looks pretty good.

Now, if you a lot of times there'll be a little chunk of rubber or something from the old cartridge in there or there's some calcium buildup, if that's the case just try to pull a pick and pull it out of there or use a soft wire brush to kind of clean it up be nice and easy.

You don't want to gouge the inside of this brass because you'll create a void and you'll have a leak all right.

Let's, get the new cartridge ready? Our new replacement, moen, 1225, cartridge, the old style, push and pull go ahead and pull that out of there.

What you're going to do is we're going to take that little white piece off right now, I'll let, you know what that's for now.

These things do come kind of pre-greased from the factory.

We have some good old plumber's grease, right? There, we're going to go ahead and we're going to generously put it around all of the rubber gaskets and seals that are on there at the top bottom and around the area in the middle there with the two holes, little plumbers grease right there.

We want that grease around the rubber seals that way this thing's going to slide in nice there's, not going to be any problems, I'm wearing a pair of gloves that way keep my hands, clean and see how I'm doing all that now on these particular cartridges I'm like the 1222, which is positive, you put it in there.

There is no place on there says, hot or cold.

Now if it's in the wrong position you after you install this, you don't need to take the thing back out.

You can simply just turn the middle spindle, 106 180 degrees and that'll change it over without having to actually pull the cartridge back out and reverse sides.

Let's, go ahead and install this.

Now, when we install this, you can see the two half moons there's one on both sides, you want that to be in that position with the moons on the bottom.

And the top kind of like this.

Watch all right here.

We go we're gonna push in by hand first.

So it gets to a point see how the moons are at the top and the bottom let's go back to that little piece that came with it.

This is going to help push this thing all the way in like that.

Now, all we have to do is take that little clip and put it back in there to where it came out from nice and easy.

Take your time nobody's in a rush.

Okay, there.

It is see now at this point, what you can do is you want to make sure that the inside little feet go all the way through sometimes you can finagle that pair of channel locks.

We've kind of attached down see there.

It is it's seated.

All the way down through there.

Now, it's locked into place we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and put the barrel back on and we're going to gently set the handle into place.

But we don't know, if that's set in the hot side and cold side, or we need to reverse that so I'm gonna go outside turn the water back on, and then we're gonna test and see what we got that thing's tough there we go get it all the way on all right water's back on let's.

Go ahead and let's, put our little barrel back into place.

I also have a little ring that's, a little spacer room that sits on the middle stem right there for the handle.

The first thing we're going to do is we're going to take and just place the handle on there and find out if we have the hot on the left and the cold on the right and just kind of get that in there we're not going to tighten it down, because we don't know where we're at yet we're going to pull this on perfect.

We got it right? The first time the hot is on the left.

Now if we had an issue where it was reversed around, all we'd have to do is simply take the screw back off with the handle and take and flip this, 180 degrees and put it back together, and that would change and would correct the problem of it either be on the hot or the cold side correctly, but we got it right? The first time so we're going to go ahead and reassemble this as we'll put our handle on there.

And we should be done with this job.


I remember the whole deal about this was it was hard to pull this on and off just like butter, that's going to do it for this one.

Thanks so much for hanging out watching the video you guys have seen me do this kind of video before in the past.

The reason why I wanted to do it again is because I have a lot of new traffic coming onto this channel lately.

And I wanted to show you how easy this can be, uh for some of you guys might have missed it.

The last time it's, not always that easy getting those cartridges out.

I've had them break in half inside.

And what turns out from a 20-minute job can be a two-hour job, just take your time and use patience and have the right tools got any comments questions, leave them down below and don't, forget to keep flying.



This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to replace a 1222 cartridge in a single handle PosiTemp valve shower. ​ Preparation: The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.

Do you have to turn off the water to change a Moen shower cartridge? ›

This article will give step-by-step instructions on how to replace a 1222 cartridge in a single handle PosiTemp valve shower. ​ Preparation: The water supply shut off valves must be turned off- see article How to Turn Off the Water Supply to the Faucet.

What is the difference between a 1225 and a 1225B Moen cartridge? ›

They are the exact same Moen replacement cartridges. The only difference is the Moen 1225B is sold in the bulk packs.

Does the notch go up or down on a Moen Posi temp cartridge? ›

Install limit stop(see temperature limit stop section). The notched flat on the cartridge stem must point DOWN when mounting handle.

How does Moen 1225 cartridge work? ›

The 1225 is a water flow cartridge built in directly below the faucet handle and controls both volume and temperature. It is commonly used in Moen single handle faucets produced prior to 2009 (date varies based on style and model).

Why is my Moen cartridge not hot enough? ›

Typical Cause

Hot water may not be supplied to the valve, a balancing spool may be stuck or the temperature may be calibrated not to allow full hot water (up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit).

Can you put a Moen cartridge in upside down? ›

If the hot and cold are reversed, the supply lines are reversed or the cartridge is installed upside down, remove and rotate the 1222 cartridge 180 degrees. To install the 1222 cartridge, see 1222 Cartridge: Single Handle Shower- PosiTemp.

What is the temperature override button on Moen? ›

The thermostatic valve has a safety stop preset at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature override button will allow the user to exceed this temperature and reach temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

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